About us

Upside is an alternative asset investment firm. Through Upside Beteiligungs-AG we invest in high growth, primarily profitable small and medium-sized companies, both directly and indirectly. We draw on a broad, world-wide network and our 25-year investment expertise in Private Equity.

Upside Beteiligungs-AG is registered as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager with the German regulatory authority Bundesanstalt für Finanzdientsleistungaufsicht (BaFin).

Our focus

We invest primarily through investment companies and Private Equity funds as well as through co-investments with leading Private Equity managers. Our focus is mainly on minority investments in traditional growth and expansion financings as well as on majority investments in the context of spin-offs, succession planning and buy & build situations.

Our philosophy

Upside typically invests on its own account, but opportunistically also syndicates investments to third party investors who seek to build or round out their private equity portfolios.

Through a substantial management stake in each Upside investment we ensure that interests are fully aligned with investors at all times. We consider ourselves a “Multi Family Office for Private Equity” and consequently offer our shareholders maximum transparency within a select group of like-minded, entrepreneurial investors.